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Publications (FAPA-CP)

Publications (FAPA-CP)

1.Angsurat Yimlamai

Regulatory Measures for Modern Drugstores Undergoing Litigation Process


2.Arpasree Buapradit

Effects of the Program for Media Literacy in Advertising on Consumption Behavior of Health Products among Elderlies Using Line Application in Nakhon Nayok


3.Chanyarat Noksakda

Stakeholder analysis toward the planning to remedy the illegal radio broadcast advertising of health products in Khon Kaen Province


4.Chlaluck Pacharathip

Prevalence of Illegal Online Advertisements among Aesthetic Medical Clinics in Mueang District in a Southern Province


5.Eakchai YaoCheug

Cosmetic Control Policies and Measures under the Cosmetic Act


6.Jindaporn Uppatham

Legal Study on Administrative Procedures Law to Enforce Consumer Protection for Health-Care Products


7.Kachen Chanachai

Factors Affecting the medication compliance of elderly patients with chronic diseases at Namkleang ­Hospital, Namkleang District, Sisaket Province.


8.Kanokporn Janthasri

Analysis of the Approval Process for Beverages in Sealed Containers with Food Additives


9.Kittisak Thaithong

Opportunities and Challenges for Drug Procurement under the Government Procurement and Supplies Management Act, B.E. 2560: Case Study of Sakon Nakhon Province


10.Kullasap Tantrakarnsakul 

Development of a Mechanism to Solve the Shortage of Essential Controlled Medicines


11.Lakkhana Wongsao

Knowledge sharing on health product litigation: A case study from the Provincial Public Health Office in Saraburi

12.Lalina Sakulpacharoen

Risk Management of Iodized salt in Udon Thani

13.Namfon Sribundit

Policy Analysis on the Regulation of Off-label Uses of Medication


14.Namthip  Moommala

Study of the Water Quality Situation Regarding to the Local Ordinance Issued for Automatic Drinking Water Vending Machine Regulation, Phetchabun Province


15.Orapin Phumphattarachart

Analysis of Local Legislations of San Kamphaeng District, Chiang Mai Province, in accordance with Public Health Law for Regulating Establishments Under the Food and Drug Laws


16.Pailin Saramon

Epidemic of Inappropriate Health Products and Associated Adverse Events among Chronic Disease Patients in the Border Area, WiengKan District, Chiang Rai Province

17.Pattreya Pokhagul

Signal Detection of Blood Glucose Lowering Drugs and Herbal Medicines in the Thai Vigibase

18.Phannapha Srisawat

Evaluation of Community Warning Centers on  Health Products in Sisaket Province, Thailand                                                  


19.Ratchanit Ratchakit Nedsuwan

Agreement between Self-assessment and Assessment by Pharmacists According to the Criteria for Starred Sub-district Health Promoting Hospitals in Pharmacy and Health Consumer Protection in Chiangrai Province, Thailand

20.Rujira Panya

Effects of the Intervention on Steroid-Adulterated Health Products at The Communities in the Catchment Area of Khun Lan Subdistrict Health Promoting Hospital, Dok Kham Tai District, Phayao

21.Siriluk Ruenruay

Situation of Medicines and Dietary Supplements in theHealth Provider Board Region 3

22.Siriporn Panpud

Characteristics of the Violation of Pharmacy Code of Ethics and the Verdicts of Pharmacy Council


23.Siriphorn Jitprasithsiri

Prevalence of Illegal Drug Distribution in Groceries in Sanamchaikhet District, Chachoengsao

24.Srisuda Silachote

Prevalence and Prioritization of Unsafe Drugs, Food, and Cosmetics at Pakpanang District, Nakhon Si Thammarat Province

25.Suthinee Leauwong

Driving the Policy for Improving the Standard of Drugstores in UdonThani Province


26.Thitiporn Insorn

Illegal Advertising Of Supplementary Food On Facebook And Law Enforcement Guidelines For Officers



27.Upsorn Boonyoung

Prevalence of the Sales of Inappropriate Drugs in Groceries within Phitsanulok Province and Factors Affecting It


28.Usanee Thongbai

Study on the Policies and Measures to Control Drug Distribution in Pharmacies by Bookkeeping


29.Wanee Dhanasilangkura

Management of the Problem on Cosmetics with Prohibited Substances by Using Community Participation: A Case Study of Don-gloy Subdistrict, Phibunrak District in Udon Thani Province


30.Jeerachat Jirawattananukul

Factors Relating to Opinions of Sub-District Public Health Officers Toward Food Production Facility Evaluation in Ratchaburi Province

31.Waraporn Rimchaisith

Use of Herbal Products and Dietary Supplements among Patients with Home Palliative Care: Case study in Muang District, Udonthani


32.Wittaya Thongkaemgaew

Perception and Behavior of Oral Contraceptive Pills Use in Foreign Workers

33.Panida Rattananukul

"Desoxy-D2PM" from the Detection to Legal Control Measure

34.Areewan Mahathanarat

Factors associated with rational drug use awareness of drug operating personnel in private drugstores at Chanthaburi Province


35.Phisit Khongsaktrakun

Effectiveness of Promote Rational Use of Antibiotics in sub-district health promoting hospitals the case of Nakornrajsima province


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